Outfits for the office by KALA Fashion

Outfits for the office by KALA Fashion

Outfits for the office by KALA Fashion

The wintery business look. It should be adequate, elegant and preferably not pitch black while still being warm and comfortable to sit in. But even within certain dress codes there are so many choices and varieties that can be all those things: elegant and dressed appropriately at work! Workwear you can wear to meetings, business events and after-work occasions.

Modern like never before: our classic tweed costume

A tweed costume is an absolute classic when it comes to dressing up for a workday. The blazer and skirt combination is perfect to wear together which saves us time in the morning, valuable time! Our colorful blazer is made of high quality wool and is modern in its own way. The matching skirt has the perfect length which is appropriate at work and still feminine. It is almost wrinkle-proof and therefore perfect for business trips! Wear it at the office with one of our elegant blouses such as our flounce blouse in dark blue. The shimmery olive-green blouse is gorgeous for a brighter and more colorful look. The dress code is casual? Our soft long-sleeved top in dark blue and the minimalistic top with shorter sleeves in dark green are perfect with it. On your days off you can make it an edgy look and wear our skirt with black boots, sheer black tights and a sporty shirt tucked in.

Business and After-Work: one dress I wear to both?

Our knee-length dresses are perfect for a feminine business look during the day. Combine it with our super elegant black velvet blazer if you have important meetings during the day. The good thing about KALA dresses is that you can wear them easily during the day and still look great when you want to go out at night with co-workers after work or for drinks with your girlfriends.
A classic black look is easy to pull off in our sporty chic little black dress: one dress, no stress! If you’d like to go more playful, how about some fine and subtle flowers and flounced skirt part. With a simple blazer it is really work appropriate and still trendy.

More color at the office, please!

For more color at work how about a simple dress in a bright lipstick red or petrol color? Due to its knee length it is very sophisticated, yet modern with its shorter sleeves and still very comfortable.
Even figure fitting clothing can be appropriate at work. All time favorites as office wear are jersey dresses. Whether it is with a modern and subtle zipper in the front in burgundy or a beautiful dark blue, it is exciting and comfortable while still being elegant. The top work wear classic is our red jersey dress with its business chemise collar. Warm and cozy for cold winter days at the desk and on the go.

How can I combine pants for work?

Pants are of course always the safe way to go, even for a businesswoman. They’re modern and have so many facets. Subtle checks in dark red are lovely details you can combine with different colors. A simple color combination for the day: our burgundy blouse goes very well with the red in the pants. Also, you can wear the warm turtleneck top with it as well, it is slightly cropped and accentuates the pants perfectly. Or how about wide and straight cut Marlene pants in the same color with it? There are so many options to chose from!