CONSCIOUS SATURDAY: turn old into new!

CONSCIOUS SATURDAY: turn old into new!

CONSCIOUS SATURDAY: turn old into new!

As part of our „Conscious Saturday“ we would like to invite you to our store in the heart of Berlin on November 24, 2018. We would love to help add a few pieces to your wardrobe to complete your “old” favorite outfits together. Let us bring back joy to your favorite pieces together :-)

Consciousness and responsibility, there are many ways to act consciously and responsibly. Even though our closet is always filled to the top with clothes, we get the feeling we don’t have anything to wear. Combine old pieces with new ones, care well for them, wear them throughout various seasons and always wash them in a laundry net. We would love to help you add to your wardrobe consciously.

Send us an email with a photo of your „old“ KALA dress at, so we can see your style and recommend something similar from our new collections. Alternatively just come on over to our store on the 24th of November with any piece you choose and we’ll find something together to complete the look! Make your choices last longer, shop responsibly with a purpose.

We’d like to say thank you with a 20% discount on your purchase on November 24, 2018 (only in our store in Berlin). Thank you for coming over and making more conscious and responsible choices together with us. ;-)

Save the date, we can’t wait to see you!


KALA Fashion Showroom

Veteranenstrasse 15, 10119 Berlin


Saturday, November 24, 2018

What do I need to bring?

Send us an email at with a picture of your favorite piece or simply bring it along with you! ;-)